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Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Thad Matthews the new Medical Examiner for Shelby County?

I know that most visitors are familiar with Thad and some have ended up here based on his blog. Has anyone seen his latest bullshit ramblings? Thud has done it again with his ITT tech (sorry students) certificate in photography. He has plastered images all over his blog in regards to the Reginald Pointer shooting.

Thud has used his $2 Sharpie in an attempt to mislead his readers. Thud is the ultimate conspiracy theorist. The bottom line is, death is violent. Things happen to a body that only a trained medical examiner can best theorize. The bruising, cuts and other wounds could have been ante mortem (before death) and up to 24 hours before contact with officers.

The most laughable statement in his whole argument is that possibility that these "injuries" could have been caused by a police "nightstick". Well, we use police batons and I haven't carried mine since it was issued. In fact, it's still collecting dust out in my garage today. The police baton has and always will be a liability. That's why we don't carry them on a regular basis. Sure, we are issued this tool and required to have it in our patrol car. Most of us wouldn't be caught in public swinging one of those things around. Use of baton (legally) equals lawsuit no matter which way you cut it.

We applaud the officers for doing a fine job. It's never good when deadly force comes into play. I'd rather see a criminal come out on the short end of the stick. As for Reggie not committing a crime, running from the po po is a crime. If you have done nothing wrong, why run? Maybe to get rid of your burglary tools or that Celine Dion CD that you accidentally grabbed thinking it was 3 Six Mafias greatest hits. The wording can be hard to see when digging through someone's glove box at 2 AM.

Don't think we are supporting or standing up for GODwin or the Mayor on this one. We are standing strong with the officers that had to make a split second decision in the fight for life.