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Thursday, October 9, 2008


We've all heard of the Amber Alert system. The MPD Enforcer 2.0 has now imposed a new kind of search. A BLUE ALERT(TM)! Some officers have contacted us in an attempt to locate retired members of the MPD. As a community service, we will try to connect some of these lost individuals. If you think officers are not reading this blog, you're wrong. Many past, present and future officers read on a daily basis.

We don't want to place phone numbers on here as a respect to privacy. Currently, I have some individuals trying to reach the real MITCH FRAISER and GREG TACKER. I will be happy to reply to your e-mail with who is trying to contact you and the phone number for you to call. Please e-mail our confidential drop at nico3974@aim.com, only if you are the real persons being located.