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Monday, October 13, 2008

Who will take Cole's place?

Steve Cole is out, but who's coming in? I haven't heard who his replacement will be, but the rumor mill states Major Joe Scott will be picked. Scott has pulled some HUGE favors (cover ups) for Chico in the past. What is the price of loyalty? What is the cost of turning a blind eye during an investigation? These are the questions that only Joe can answer.

We are growing tired of the cronyism that's running rampant within the administration. It literally is boiling down to "who you blow and who you know" if you want to climb the ladder within MPD. We all know about the bullshit promotional exam slated for next year. I'm willing to bet my pension that Greaser II will be eligible and make it the first time around. Just wait and see. The whole exam will be "crafted" in order to give Jr. an advantage.