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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State of the Enforcer 2.0.

Recently, I have received many e-mails and seen the comments about the Enforcer 2.0's status. Let me lay some of the rumors to rest.

First, the lawsuit that GODwin and the City of Memphis brought against us is OVER. There is no underlying issues in court and nothing pending. We won, Larry lost. There has been NO gag order or any type of agreements. Our speech remains free and we will continue the good fight. We have not been shaken up, nor have we curbed our subject matter. We will continue to post topics that are of concern to the rank and file within MPD.

Second, the fire has NOT died down with our posts. We are still determined to oust Chico and any future "leader" that is out for their own interest. You can have all of your First 48's and narc shows, but Uniformed Patrol is the backbone of the department. We will continue to stand together and fight for what is right. A fight against the nepotism and bullshit that constantly emits from the 12th floor. We will continue to have each others backs as long as you are not one of the good ol boys.

Finally, we are here FOREVER! Don't worry if you haven't seen a post in a day or two. We are busy chasing down leads and verifying facts before throwing out some bullshit just to have filler. As stated before, we are not a daily news outlet with deadlines. We will post issues/stories as they happen. One of the best avenues for getting topics out on this blog is to e-mail us with your concerns. You can send us your "inside scoop" to nico3974@aim.com and we will evaluate the topic. We know the MPA doesn't have our back and JD Sewell has sold us down the river. His back channel agreements with the 12th floor should get his ass booted from the MPA. Most of all, stay with us and stay strong. Thanks.