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Friday, March 28, 2008

Dirk's identity

The 12th floor has been working overtime on trying to figure out who is behind this blog. They are signing blue slips like charging documents trying to get the dirt on "Dirk".

Let me put you at ease. "Dirk" was on the job when IBM numbers were 4 digits and crazy people were still called 603s. "Dirk" took care of his ward and left the MPD on good terms. In fact, there's a rumor that he's coming back to MPD. Maybe he is and maybe he isn't. Maybe "Dirk" is already there.

If Herenton goes and the new Mayor fires "Jackboots", the department might turn around in the right direction. No more catchy slogans, no more primping for the camera and no more BULLSHIT.

The department needs to get back into the business of fighting real crime and untie the hands of Uniformed Patrol. We all know that the line officer is on the front line. The ones who separate the citizens from the thugs. Stop all the BS discipline . Officers are being charged for bogus complaints and the 12th floor is too ignorant to realize that they are demoralizing hard working officers.