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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WTF?? (You can fill in the blanks)

Seriously? Are you kidding me? Janice running day-to-day operations? The only thing she's qualified to run is a chow "run" to Crumpy's. I mean let's get real. I'm typing this entry and cannot control my laughter enough to allow a decent thought strike the page. She sort of looks like Glen Williams with a wig on.

Now, I'm not bagging on her because she's a female in a male dominated profession. I'm ERA all the way. I just know her history and capabilities. Also, I know that there are other female supervisors that would have been a better pick. No. Not Gloria Crenshaw nor "gold glasses" that was (and may still be) on South "B" for the longest. Oh, I wish I could remember her name. Lt. Hamilton? She used to come to roll call hung over worse than the rest of us.

I'll move on. Still laughing at that picture above. Take a moment and really look close. What do you see? I see a teddy bear, some mismatched flower arrangements and a bunch of ribbons on her uniform. I wasn't aware that we had all those awards. Could she be "flodging"? Maybe someone could help us out and see if they are all valid awards? Her picture says that she's delicate as a teddy bear, sweet as a rose, and can kick your ass with those big hands she has. She must be in the Mayor's boxing club with paws like that. In the words of Austin Powers, "she's a man baby!"

Unfortunately, we are stuck with another www.HERENTON/iRuleMemphis/cuzImApimp.com ass kisser as this department's "leader". I use this term in jest. Janice couldn't lead a horse to water nor make it drink. We wonder who's ass she kissed to get there, but I answered my own question in the first sentence of this paragraph. Of course, if anyone else were placed in that position, it wouldn't be considered a SNAFU.

What do we want? A 12th floor cleansing. When do we want it? Now!