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Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Visitors

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new readers to this blog. Some of you may not be aware of the concept of the MPD Enforcer. The "Enforcer" was a newsletter/website that was hosted on geocities.com some years ago. It was an outlet for officers to learn about the latest issues in the department and a good rumor mill for the years. The administration on the 12th floor had tried for years to find out who the authors of the "Enforcer" were as a lot of dirty laundry was being aired for all to read. First and foremost, I was NOT affiliated with the original enforcer and I do not know who they were. I've decided to create this space where my former brothers in the department could post and read all the latest shenanigans that happen day to day on the job. I will welcome all post/stories/information that concern the officers.

I was a Memphis Police officer for some time and decided to leave after seeing the grass was greener in corporate America. I truly enjoy my weekends and holidays free, but miss my brothers/sisters in blue. This is another way in which I can reach out to them and share in the frustration over a department that doesn't care for their welfare.

I urge any MPD officer to contribute to this blog and spread the word through the precincts (stations as they are now called). If you have a shitty supervisor, let us know. There are tons of Webbs and McKaskills on the department that need to be outed. Thanks and be safe.