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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watercooler gossip?

We had an avid reader leave a response in the last post that likened this blog to the work "watercooler". How appropriate. We at the Enforcer could not have come up with a better analogy.

It's true. We as police officers do not have a common ground in which we can stand and "socialize" about the topics of the day. We feel it's important that each officer have one place they can turn to in order to voice their opinions or thoughts about topics relevant to the job. The MPD Enforcer strives to provide such an outlet.

We are busy sifting through the stories of the weekend and appreciate the strong response that we have received. Remember, if you wish to break a story or have a topic of discussion, you can send us an anonymous e-mail at nico3974@aim.com. All submissions are reviewed by our panel of experts and the top issue will be discussed on this blog. Thanks again and remember, we are in this together.