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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A message from the Prez

From: Gene
Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 10:30 AM

To all board members and officers who may receive this e-mail. It is very evident that certain people have been meeting and calling board members in an ill attempt to skew the boards decision making ability. I find it unprofessional and below par that attempts to influence the boards future decisions in any matter still exists by way of phone calls and behind closed door meetings. These are exactly the kinds of past behaviors that this Association needs to be directed away from in the future. Secret deals and behind closed door promises are just a few things that have crippled this Associations credibility with our membership in the past.

I do not believe a true leader should call any board member, or have private meetings, in an attempt to influence their decision. I am asking that when board members attend the next monthly meeting, you do so with an open mind and listen to all the facts, ideas, and reasoning prior to making a decision. We have a tendency to believe the first 'story' presented to us. Please, for the benefit of the Association and the members you represent, come to the next meeting with an open mind and not one which has been manipulated by rumors and behind closed door conversations which you may or may not have been part of. There are times when good common sense must prevail in order to achieve the best results for everyone involved.

I have received four phone calls from board members that were upset in the manner in which a certain individual has attempt to persuade the boards ability by presenting 'one sided' stories.

Thanks for your time
Gene Hulley