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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Show me the money!

Holy cow is right. Tommy Turner and his wife may have been living like fat cats as the rest of us fought for a crumb. According to ACTION NEWS 5, Tommy and Co. sat in their ivory towers while the rest of us starved. "Let them eat cake" is all that could be heard from the walls of the MPA building. Tommy "Antoinette" Turner and Billy "The Turtle" Robbins have apparently hatched a plan to rob us all of the funds that come from our dangerous daily tasks.

Of course, each accused will have their day in court and our job is not to convict through the media. Even police officers should be given the same rights as common criminals when it comes to a trial. At what point does a police officer become a common criminal and what makes them betray the badge? These questions have been asked for years, but no common result has been reached. The only answer is GREED. The dirty little word that has cast great men into obscurity. GREED has toppled countries, politicians and now Police officers.

Who will be responsible for this? The accused? The oversight committee? The close friends of these officers (who also indirectly shared in this benefit)? People for many years have been seeing the accused live a lavish life, all the while knowing what each is compensated. Larry Godwin has been a benefactor since assuming his duties as Director of the MPD. Lawrence has been seen in Nashville with Thomas Turner on many occasions. The two have been seen chatting it up with politicians in Nashville, while eating at Ruth's Chris on the MPA dime. Money appears to be no object when the money is not yours to spend.

It would appear that the fat lady has sung and the outgoing union leaders are the orchestra. You can no longer suckle on the tit of the union. The average officer has had to survive on "Ramen Noodles" due to your inability to properly defend them in a hearing. How poetic. They may serve noodles in prison.