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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Larry is dying to know!

Once again, another failed attempt by dick weed Godwin has failed to find out who the people are behind this blog. He had bogus ass Thornton (who was fired as MPD legal adviser and hired by Willie) send a threatening letter to our merchandising company. For those of you that jumped on the bandwagon and got your merchandise early, congrats. We have a list of 30 other company's that provide the same service. We will have more shirts in the future. Keep your eyes peeled to this page and get them when they start selling (only if you really want).

The merchandiser wanted to know where the City of Memphis could send their letter and we told them "UP LARRY'S ASS"! What a stooge. "WAAH. The Enforcer says bad things about me. Waah"! Larry's ego is SO big, yet SO fragile.