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Friday, April 25, 2008

A poem from a reader.

I often sit in awe when I think of this place.
It' dirty, it's filthy, and this armpit of Tennessee is a flat out disgrace.
The taxes and crime rate are high, but he really doesn't care,
He'll continue to manipulate the numbers, just as he will the color of his hair.

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, that's what he's all about,
With his name and his face plastered all throughout, is there really any doubt?
I'll never write another ticket nor lock up a thug,
Because as far as my days of working, I've pulled the plug.

Our salaries are low at a despicable rate,
While Yolanda Mcfagdon continues to rake.
We have bills to pay and mouths to feed,
But the City doesn't care because it's festered with greed.

Lining it's pockets and filing it's banks,
It still got rid of the thirty year rank.
The City will use you then give you the shaft,
And then kick your ass flat off the life raft.

Another uniform change and issue of Behind the Badge, yea that's what this place need,
Or another Calea memo to make our eyes bleed.
Look at this City and the way it's gone down,
But what do you expect when it's run by a bunch of clowns?

Robbing, raping, stealing, and murdering that's the Memphis way.
He can manipulate the numbers, but it's not going away,
So you can take your trademarked Blue Crush and throw it away.

Yes my friend Memphis once was great, but now it's a dump,
Large in part because our Mayor is a chump.
Look at this crime ridden filthy urban sprawl.
No one in Memphis cares not even City Hall.

This place is an eyesore and quickly eroding,
While Ophelia Ford has dead people voting.
I salute the Tennessee Waltz,
Even though that piece of shit John Ford said he's not at fault.

This City is a joke that makes national news,
While burning each day at both ends of the fuse.
This City is backwards and way out of date,
Please run for the hills before it's too late.

Run, run, run for the County line,
Because to leave this jungle is a dream of mine.
One can only agree that Memphis is a disgrace,
And no where on Earth can compare to this place.

I truly believe this City is cursed,
And by the way Mrs. Godwin, next time, hold on to your purse!