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Thursday, April 3, 2008

What the F?

The only difference is the color of the uniform. GODwin has been running this department like a third world dictator. Larry would serve the public best working the fry machine at McDonald's. That way, he could save on all the "Just for Men" and grease products for his hair.

I mean, come on Chico. How long are you going to be able to keep up this charade. BLUE CRUSH??? What other dumb ass failed "initiative" are you going to think was your idea? The fact is, it doesn't work. Just like others in the past (zero tolerance, Compstat meetings, etc.)they are merely buzz words.

As many will recall, we had Compstat meetings that gave insight into the "hot spots" of crime. Many of us had to check the spots and notate them on our log sheet. The Compstat program is identical to the "Blue Crush" BS that Larry feels is his baby. How original is that? Take a program that has been in place, give it a fancy name, and then TRY to take all the credit.

Here's the proof in the pudding. Violent crime in 2004 was at 10,133 reported incidents. In 2006, the number of reported violent acts was listed at 13,544. 2007 has not been finalized, but that appears to be an increase in reported crime to us. NOW tell us that BLUE FLUSH is working?

In dealing with reported crime, one must remember the Hu (Human element). As most officers know, Lts. will make the scene on most of these violent felonies. A Lt. is under pressure to keep crime low in their area. The Lt. will take a ROBBERY (for example) and turn it into an ASSAULT with a THEFT. This lowers the reported violent crime and appears that the administration is winning the war on said crime. It's all numbers and BS. A game that has been played for a long time.

So what's the answer? Back up the hardest working element of the MPD......Uniformed Patrol. Pay officers fairly and treat them better. Quit all the BS inner circle and nepotism. Sorry to bring baby Godwin in this, but he needs to learn how to be the real POlice. Otherwise, some other officer will get injured due to his rookie mistake.

Further, have a fair promotional process immediately. Stop waiting for your son to be eligible for the process. We all know what you're doing. All you are doing is messing up his career. He will have to deal with the rest of us long after you are gone.