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Friday, April 11, 2008

Douche bag says what?

Can you believe this jackass? He is so in love with himself these days. He cannot stay out of the public eye for one day. Does anybody remember any other Director that has been so needy for the public eye? Well, maybe Walter Crews, but I still think Larry takes the cake. Please refer to the below interview with the Flyer:

How are other cities retaining officers?

There are some pretty good salaries across the country for commissioners, directors, and chiefs. I heard a story about a guy from Kentucky who made $224,000. In his pension plan, he gets 90 percent of his salary.

I make $116,000 and get 68.2 percent [of my salary]. And I've been here 30 years. That's where we're lacking. When you talk about pension benefits, ours is horrible. If you look at our retired chiefs, majors, and inspectors, they're all working other jobs now. They stay retired for about three to five years, and then they can't afford it.

The question was about retaining OFFICERS you dumb ass, not DIRECTORS. Shinning example of how this idiot is so consumed with himself.

As far as shutting us down, good luck. That's a First Amendment fight you don't want. We have backing from more people than you are aware. Some of the backing comes from people you call "friends". The citizens of Memphis are tired of your smoke and mirrors scheme to give the appearance that crime is on the run in Memphis. We read the newspapers everyday and hear the talk at work, coffeehouses and in church. Memphis is tired of being afraid to walk out their front door and wonder if they will make it home at the end of the day. Congratulations. Now the average citizen knows how a police officer feels when they leave for work everyday.