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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Helping our brothers.

A reader asked that we post his comment to Thad Matthews on our site since it was deleted on his blog. We generally don't do this, but many of Thad's readers read the Enforcer as well. Also, we have received numerous comments through our secured e-mail from the media outlets here in Memphis. Our message is getting out. One story at a time, one reader at a time. Here's the message:


I liked how you chose not to post my blog from early this morning. You are a punk. You cannot even be a man and admit that you have screwed the pooch on this one. You now damn well that this blog posting regarding Bartlett is false and now you are hoping that the threats toward Jason Bartlett because of your lies do not happen. Thad, oh Thad was Jason there? Was he in town, was he at school , was he in another part of town? Oh Thad, admit that you have messed up bad and you just made your blog not credible at all. You will not post this one either, but I will make sure the truth comes out. I have sources to Thad.