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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's looking at you BUBBA!

Good ol Lon Paul. What else can you say? Well, he's purported to have played pro football, but nobody can find him ever being on the Eagle's roster. He drove an 18 wheeler undercover for a narcotics operation. (It was reported that he had lot lizards blow him for OCU money in order to make his "identity" as a trucker believable) He's wrangled his way up the ladder (not promoted) to get in close with the Director in order to keep his cake assignments. Led a flamboyant lifestyle as an officer with the Germantown Police Department, until they ran him off the job. This leads the Enforcer crew to pose the question, WWLPD? That's right. What Would Lon Paul DO? According to IAB, here's his short list below: